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With topics ranging from SEO & Digital Marketing to how to guides for parents in a digital world.

With a range of t-shirts with a unique “tattoo” feel, direct from Scotland.

Our friends over at the Wolfpack where I assist them in their digital marketing.

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Discover how to create the best digital marketing team based on the size of your company. This post covers small, medium, and large sized businesses.

Big wigs in C-suite boardrooms – y'know, the fancy boardrooms with private executive bathrooms – love to talk about storytelling. "What's our bra…

The coding tutorial will show students how to build their own Star Wars games.

Indeed.com just released a survey with a fascinating finding: About 45 percent of workers miss their co-workers or aspects of their job when they're …

A Florida community college is trying to use data to keep students from dropping out and coming up with interventions to encourage students to succeed, like per…

Passion is something that we all feel in some form. Use your passion to fire up your presentations and make your audience really feel something.

Technology is supposed to be helping us have more leisure time, but is it really helping us? Or is technology destroying our work-life balance.

Leadership is about what you do, because what you do, reflects to the world about who you are… and who you are, is very much about what you do.

Why do we make unhealthy and unproductive choices even when we know we should do better? One word: Willpower. Here is the science behind it.

The Job Search Trick That Every Career Changer Needs to Know and Use Now: How to make a career change using your online p…

It's the marketers using emotional persuasion who are getting ahead and boosting conversions, not the marketers who are making the best logical argument.

Our values are our own. Yet, perspective that results from experiences over time can cause us to question, or even alter our values. Given that we like comfo

Teachers are using Minecraft in surprising and creative ways that might inspire others to try this tech tool.

Social media, professional learning communities, and collaborative authoring environments have expanded learning opportunities. Developing productive personal l…

Pretty much everybody agrees: The annual performance review process is deeply flawed. But there’s another common review procedure that needs to be torn d…

A lot of effort goes into helping kids know they can learn more, but less focus has been directed to the growth mindset of educators. Some educators are taking …

How to Develop Mental Toughness, According to an FBI Agent Who Had to Do it to Survive:

On the surface, human resources and learning and development have a lot of similarities: Both deal with onboarding new employees and both carry educational resp…

What other tools and techniques do you have to validate people?

Xers tend to believe people need to pay their dues before voicing opinions.

It's vital to be able to recognize a strong fit for your company, even when a candidate's personality and ideas might be far different from your own.

To become better at something, you need to take action, remain focused and stay motivated.

No matter their department, age or skill set, all employees can benefit from a fulfilling mentor-mentee relationship.